Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Britannia  Nummaria 2024

The Britannia Nummaria 2024 numismatic conference will be held on Thursday 18th July 2024 in the main hall at The Guildhall, St Helen's Square in central York. A wonderful medieval riverside location. The bi-annual York Coin Fair takes place at York Racecourse on the following two days. The conference programme and registration are now available in the links. A precursor to this event was Moneta Britannnia 2011 and the website for this conference is still available here.

One reason for the conference is to "launch" the following numismatic books that are due to be published in 2024:

Ghey, E. (ed.) 2024. Recent Discoveries of Tetrarchic Hoards from Roman Britain and their Wider Context, British Museum Research Publication no. 236, London. Publication March 2024.

Cloke, H and L Toone with A Marsden, 2024. The London Mint of Constantine and Constantius, 2nd Edition, Spink, London. Publication expected May - June 2024.

Moorhead, S. 2024. Roman Imperial Coinage Vol. V, pt 5 ; Carausius and AllectusSpink, London. Publication date to be confirmed.

The first of these includes full catalogues of the Wold Newton, Rauceby and Fyfield hoards – see here for further details.

We envisage the scope of the conference to be slightly broader than the Britannic/Tetrarchic period and to include other numismatic topics with links to Britannia, the Severans for example. There may be other fringe events held around the conference itself.

Registration is now open and the programme and speakers have all been confirmed. Additional speaker information is being added. Please bookmark and follow this page to ensure you are advised of any updates.