LMCC 2nd Edition

Cloke, H and L Toone with A Marsden, 2024. The London Mint of Constantine and Constantius, 2nd Edition, Spink, London. Publication expected March - June 2024.

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The first edition of LMCC, out of print for several years, has become the standard reference for the London mint of this period. It is used by the British Museum and PAS to reference coins and many other museums, auction houses, international dealers, and collectors of this material.The authors are now the recognised experts on this series and are frequently consulted by the BM, PAS and the BnF amongst others. They have been invited to catalogue the London components of several hoards and their numbering system and table of bust codes are employed regularly, most recently in the published catalogue of the Meckel hoard, a hoard of 7,486 coins including 802 examples from the London mint. 

This new edition adds over 120 new coin types to the 1100 or so recorded in the first edition, as well as illustrating for the first time 30 types recorded in the first edition. The dynamic numbering system developed by the authors allows for easy inclusion of new types as the authors are made aware of them. This is, as predicted in the first volume, a more effective way to expand the corpus of known types.

The census tables included with each section are revised to include four new census hoards which include 3,800+ coinsWold Newton, Rauceby, Fyfield and Juillac. Three of these are now published for the first time in the BM Special Publication edited by Eleanor Ghey.


Foreward (Sam Moorhead)

General Introduction

Catalogue Introduction

Catalogue and Plates

Indices and References


The LON coinage of AD 296-297

Die study of the Stars over T/F mintmark