Rick Beleson

"Carausius II - Fact or Fiction"

Although an American, Richard attended a British  primary school in colonial Kenya, where he developed an interest in Roman Britain after reading the Ladybird book “Julius Caesar and Roman Britain.” He has been interested in Roman coins since he was ten years old and purchased a bronze of Constantius II in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul in 1964. His interest in Roman Britain and its coinage eventually manifested itself through assembling a collection of the coinage of Roman Britain, helping to fund the hoards curator position at the British Museum, and providing funding to museums to help acquire various hoards, most notably the Ryedale hoard of ritual bronzes and the Wold-Newton hoard of Tetrarchy coins, both of which are on display at the York Museum. Richard has also participated in the excavations at Vindolanda and the 2019 Hadrian’s Wall Pilgrimage.