Adrian Marsden

"A Tale of Three Cities : Reordering Constantine's Altar Coinages at London, Lyon and Trier" 

Adrian Marsden completed his Doctorate on Roman imperial portraiture on coins medallions, and the minor arts in the 3rd century AD in 2001. Since 2002 he has worked in Norwich as part of the Historic Environment’s Identification and Recording Service. He is now the county’s Numismatist. Adrian’s principal research interests include the late Roman bronze coinage, counterfeit coins of all periods and the seventeenth-century British token series. He has published extensively on coins and coin finds of various periods and most of those articles are available on his academia page: Adrian Marsden | University of Oxford - Adrian also  runs the Norfolk Token Project, devoted to the study of the county’s seventeenth-century token series,  which has a website at Norfolk Token Project ( and a facebook page at
Adrian lives in Norwich with his wife Natasha.