Sam Moorhead

 "Carausius and Allectus"

Dr Sam Moorhead FSA
From 2006 to 2023, Dr Sam Moorhead was the National Finds Adviser for Iron Age and Roman coins in the Portable Antiquities and Treasure Section at the British Museum, working as a Curator in the Dept of Coins and Medals. He oversaw the identification and recording of tens of thousands of Roman coins found every year by metal detectorists, most notably the Frome Hoard.  He co-curated a number of shows in Britain including an international touring exhibition, Rome, City and Empirewhich was seen by over a million people on four Continents. He has excavated widely in the Mediterranean and Britain, concentrating on the Roman and early Mediaeval periods. Serving on numerous councils, he has been Chairman of the Palestine Exploration Fund and Honorary Secretary of the Roman Society.  He has written and co-written numerous books on history, archaeology and numismatics, and recently was a contributor to the award-winning volumeDarkness Visible about Covesea Cave in Moray. He is currently seeing the RIC volume on Carausius and Allectus through press with Spink. Here, he would like to acknowledge the enormous contribution made to this project by Richard Beleson and Graham Barker.  He is an Honorary Lecturer at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, a Fellow at Goodenough College, London, and was awarded the Medal of the Royal Numismatic Society in 2019.