We are very grateful the support we have received for this conference, both financial and otherwise. In particular and in no particular order the following deserve a special mention.


The genesis of this conference was in 2006, the anniversary of the raising of Constantine the Great to the purple here in York. Brent Upchurch (Boston, USA) asked me to help organise a numismatic conference in York that year which was a great success. Since then we have organised a follow up in 2011 and inspired by Covid, Brent set up Nummizoom. An online discussion group and community spanning Europe and the US, this group has been a great help and inspiration in organising this conference.

Richard Beleson

Rick has been a great friend to Romano-British studies and numismatics. York is particularly grateful to his support to our efforts to retain local finds in local museums. He has also provided support to other national fund raising efforts and I am particularly grateful for his support for this conference. 

The Yorkshire Museums Trust

For many years the YMT has supported our initiatives to raise the profile of numismatics in York and I am especially grateful for the wisdom of the curators in helping me develop a wide and varied programme for this conference and backing that up with attendance and input at the conference itself.

The British Museum

We are grateful for the support of the curatorial staff at the British Museum and the Portable Antiquities Scheme in putting this conference on. They have also been very supportive of our previous conferences and publications.

Further names will be added in due course .....